When Did It Become Taboo to Look Intelligent?

The internet is a wonderful thing. It provides information and entertainment, access to things around the world in mere seconds. However, it’s also a huge pain in the ass. As a person who takes pride in their intellect, I simply cringe every time I skim through Facebook, Twitter, comments on articles and pictures online. America is becoming ignorant. We’re forgetting how to spell basic words. We’re forgetting which words to use! It seems as if everyone feels the need to cram their thoughts into 140 characters or less, whether they need to or not.

For example, take the blatant use of “your” instead of “you’re”.  It’s literally an extra two characters. AutoCorrect will even throw in the apostrophe FOR you when you type “youre”, so not throwing that E on there is a sign of purely being lazy.

But don’t you dare correct someone who obviously doesn’t know the difference! Don’t you dare!

It’s not just the your/you’re issue, either. The list is damn near endless. Just a few for you:

  • Their/There/They’re
  • Then/Than – HOLY HELL! Then is used in sequence (I went to the store THEN I went home) and than is used to compare things (I’m smarter THAN you). LEARN THIS ONE!
  • You’re/Your (or in these days, ur)
  • Except/Accept (How does once except an apology?)
  • Sense/Since
  • Once/Ones
  • Too/To/Two
  • Board/Bored (I promise, you will never be board)

Oxford Dictionaries has a list of words, actually. There are plenty left off, like a few I’ve listed above, but you’ll still get the gist. http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/words/commonly-confused-words

People get creative with their errors, too.

Or, one of my personal favorites is when people think you can just slap an “s” on something to make it plural. (Hint: It’s not spell babys) I didn’t pay a damn bit of attention in elementary school, but I still know how to spell babies. And wives.

Dude, I get it. Sometimes, you’re typing and you make a mistake. You hit send, the world then gets to see your errors. Happens to the best of us, but some of you are BLATANTLY not even trying to look intelligent.



But like I said before, don’t you DARE correct someone who obviously is misspelling, misusing, mispronouncing, or misunderstanding the word they’re TRYING to use.

“You’re such a grammar Nazi.”
“We’re not in school any more.”
“Okay, Mr. English teacher.”
“I don’t care about my spelling, I’m not writing a paper!”
“Omg, like, whateverrrrr”

I get those responses all the time. As if looking even remotely intelligent is all of a sudden something that should be saved just for the academic world. Heaven forbid you look remotely competent in your native language outside of the classroom. Then, you liken someone who simply corrects your ignorance to a member of a political regime who massacred millions?




How in the HELL does that make a tiny bit of sense? Seriously, answer that. Also, why do you have to be in school to spell things appropriately? Does the fact that I take pride in my ability to not look like a fool some how make me an asshole? It’s truly sad to think that many people are convinced that correct spelling, punctuation, and word usage are “for school only”. I’m a pedant, and I make no apologies for it.

Oh, sorry. I used a fancy word.  I guess now is your time to pretend like you’re in school and learn something. Look it up.

The biggest problem I have with people who argue that they don’t need to worry about spelling or using the appropriate word is that if things were flipped on them, they would care.  If I spelled your name wrong, would you care? Even if it sounded the same? I bet you would. Erin doesn’t want to be called Aaron.

    Stop Being Afraid to Correct People

Go ahead. Spell someone’s name wrong. They will correct you! I mean, there are millions of things wrong with the world, and most of them continue to be issues because people don’t do a damn thing about it. Then, they get worse and worse. Eventually, it’s so bad that fixing it just seems impossible.

I’m sure as hell not saying that correcting people on the internet is going to fix world issues, nor is it going to stop people from not being able to spell, but why not hold them accountable for their laziness? That’s all it really comes down to. People know the difference. They just don’t care. They are lazy. I guarantee you that if people started getting called out on “babys” and “hide your wife’s”, they’d start paying a little more attention to what they’re typing.

Yes, they might get all butt hurt, but so what? If they don’t know it, they should be told. If they’re doing it wrong, they should fix it. There aren’t many things in this world that you can do wrong and still get credit for, why should writing be any different?

Oh what a world that would be! One in which people can spell “a lot” the right way!

I hate to break it to you, though, but if people keep taking this “Oh, I don’t care” attitude toward our language, it’s going to keep going downhill. I mean, look at that Facebook comment I posted earlier in this entry.  It starts as simply using the wrong word or leaving a letter off. Then, you leave more letters off.  You spell one thing wrong. Then two. Then half your words are screwed up. I’m sure these people didn’t get away with that when they first started writing. But, when no one is there to hold you accountable, why even bother?

But, I guess you have to know how to spell it yourself before you can correct someone else. Don’t you?


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